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About the Farm

What We Do

We could just say we raise Clun Forest sheep....because we do!  But we are more than that.  Raising healthy sheep begins with creating soils that will sustain them.  We use sheep and regenerative grazing practices to do this.  We are creating a silvopasture that will save our soils and produce wool and natural dyes we can use to create beauty and keep us warm.


Who We Are

We are a family run farm located in the rolling hills near Stratford, Ontario.  We believe in leaving the land better than when we found it and we love to share our farm with those that appreciate the country life.  You may find us using border collies to gently move stock around the farm or we may be happily playing with fleece from our sheep or perhaps foraging for natural dyes that are abundant all over the farm. We work hard to preserve our natural environment.

Clun Forest Sheep

The first Clun Forest sheep arrived in Nova Scotia in 1970 .  They were once the most popular breed in England.  As numbers dwindled the Clun Forest was declared a Heritage Breed.  This breed is worth saving and we take that task very seriously.  Known for their outstanding mothering ability, highest milk butterfat content, and ease of lambing due to their wedge shaped head. The Clun is know to be able to raise twins every year into their teens on pasture alone.  Preserving this breed is crucial for future generations.


Regenerative Grazing

There all kinds of buzz words around to explain what we do.  Sustainable, regenerative grazing, silvopasture......but what you need to know is this:  

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Now read that again....and again!  Everyday we make choices and they have a ripple effect around us.  It takes a village to make change.  Join us in making slow fashion the norm.  Chemical dyes a thing of the past.  Wool is not your Grandma's Itchy Christmas Sweater!  Wool can be soft next to your skin and has so many great properties there is no way to list them all here.  Come to the farm and learn Natural Dying, and all about Canadian Wool and how it can change the world and protect the environment   Grandma knew something and it's time to figure out her secret.

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