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About the Farm

What We Do

Welcome to our family-run farm where we raise fibre sheep to create small batch wool for spinners, weavers, rug hookers, knitters, crocheters, and crafters. We offer custom fibers for your special project, and our process is from soil to skein. We take pride in providing high-quality wool that is perfect for your next project.


Who We Are

We are a family run farm located in the rolling hills near Stratford, Ontario.  We believe in leaving the land better than when we found it and we love to share our farm with those that appreciate the country life.  You may find us using border collies to gently move stock around the farm or we may be happily playing with fleece from our sheep or perhaps foraging for natural dyes that are abundant all over the farm. We work hard to preserve our natural environment.

Our Sheep

At our farm, we take pride in our retired ewes who are solely dedicated to growing the most luscious locks of wool for our customers. Our flock includes a variety of breeds such as BFL, Romney, Rambouillet, Clun Forest, Finn, and Icelandic lines, providing our customers with a lot of  diverse  wool options. We also collaborate with other local farmers who share our passion for sheep and their ability to heal the land. Our wool is of the highest quality and we are confident that our customers will be satisfied with their purchase.  We can also help you turn your fleeces into something inspiring!


Regenerative Grazing

Our world is defined by buzz words like sustainable grazing, silvopasture etc. What you need to know is every action has an equal reaction. Our choices have a ripple effect, and it takes a community to make a change. Join us in promoting slow fashion, natural dying, and Canadian wool!

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