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Soil to Skein

The quality of wool is attributed to many different things. 

Green Pastures


Great quality wool begins with the soil. Sheep are ruminants getting everything they need from healthy soils and the sun to grow pasture.  Our sheep help us build soils by using regenerative grazing practices.  Their lifestyle produces clean fleeces and happy healthy sheep.

Sheep in Field


Shearing happens once a year in the spring for our sheep.  They are happy to rid themselves of their heavy winter coats and enjoy the spring grass!  That is when the real work begins for the Shepherd.  Fleeces are carefully skirted and sorted according to quality and every single fleece is made into something beautiful!  Our dirty belly wool even becomes flowers as we turn it into garden mulch!

Colorful Yarn


Raw wool has many end destinations. If the end product is a skein of yarn the wool is washed, carded, spun, plied, washed and dyed. All of these processes can be done by hand in small batches to create unique high quality wool products. We would love for more people to learn what goes into the fiber they use!

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