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Soil to Skein

The quality of wool is attributed to many different things. 

Green Pastures


Great quality wool begins with the soil. Sheep are ruminants getting everything they need from healthy soils and the sun to grow pasture.  Our sheep help us build soils by using regenerative grazing practices.  Their lifestyle produces clean fleeces and happy healthy sheep.

Sheep in Field


Shearing season is always a joyous occasion on our farm. Our sheep are relieved to shed their heavy winter coats and bask in the spring sunshine. As a shepherd, the real work begins after the shearing is done. We carefully sort and scour the fleeces in our dedicated room. Some of our customers prefer to purchase raw fleece, while others opt for our washing, picking, carding, combing, and spinning services. Even the dirty belly wool is put to good use as garden mulch, which eventually blossoms into beautiful flowers.

Colorful Yarn


Raw wool is a versatile material with many potential uses. When it comes to creating yarn, we take a meticulous approach to ensure the highest quality product. This involves scouring, picking, carding, spinning, plying, washing, and dyeing the wool with responsibly grown and harvested natural dyes. We're excited to collaborate with you to design your own yarn for your unique project and provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the fiber you're working with. Let's get started!

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