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Soil to Skein....

What else do you do on a cold winters night by the fire with your tired border collies snoozing at your feet?  You teach your self to spin, crochet, knit or weave of course!  Using any stage of our wool clip we can help you to create and learn just a bit of the fiber arts. Be careful you will get addicted!  There are so many wonderful and unique uses of both raw fleece and yarn.  For the hand dyer and gardener there is using natural dyes foraged responsibly right off our farm!  For the spinner we host spinning circles right with the  sheep!  Knitting or crochet enthusiasts there are beautiful places around the farm to soothe your soul and enjoy your craft using Canadian Homegrown Wool from sheep you can actually meet! At Soil to Skein we want to invite you to use our creative spaces to relax and enjoy and get a sense of community learning and sharing with quality supplies close at hand.  Come share your love of all fiber with us!  See our events page for more info or for planned learning opportunities.

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